National Pest Management Month

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The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) celebrates April as National Pest Management Month, an observance that has been taking place for more than 30 years.  National Pest Management Month honors the professional pest control industry for playing a key role in protecting both health and property from significant pest-borne threats. –



We, at Terminix Canada, are proud to participate in the NPMA Pest Month by giving tips and suggestions for pest related solutions.  We aim to help our customers gain knowledge about wildlife and pests we deal with on a regular basis.  This gives us the perfect opportunity to spread the word on certain topics which may be over looked or simply not realized in our day-to-day lives.

Spring is here and with summer approaching, we are bound to feel the heat in our rainy Lower Mainland.  Having a wetter than usual winter has caused spring pests to pop up earlier and start invading our space.  Ants are always a large topic of discussion, as in many events the pesky Carpenter Ants are ‘coming out of the woodwork’ (quite literally) and causing potential damage to home and structures.  Another common pest about to make its way into your yards and houses this summer are wasps/hornets.  Lastly, the cutest critters need to be rescued too – we have solutions for wildlife and birds as well!

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Here a few tips to remember:

Carpenter Ants:

Look between cracks and crevices for rotting, or dried up wood showing damage such as sawdust/frass.

Do not attempt to treat with ‘over the counter’ chemicals until the nest is found.  This may alert them to move locations and populate another area as well.

Treating them with more effective commercial products such as ones applied by trained technicians is always a successful solution.  The worker ants take the pesticides back to the nest to feed the queen and kill off the colony, thus creating a long-term solution.



During the warmer weather, we will start to see wasps/hornets flying about and building either visible or hidden nests – either way, their presence can surely ruin a delightful picnic or outdoor gathering. If you can’t spot a visible nest, watch for tiny holes they may be flying in and out of as these are sure sign of an internal nest…no problem for the professionals!

Having the nests treated with pesticide ‘dust’ is a highly effective way of terminating both the nest and pesky wasps/hornets that belong to it.  Ensure a professionally equipped tech is hired to perform this application with commercial grade products for safe and effective results. Common practice is to not remove nests after treatment as wasps/hornets may rebuild in the same area upon realizing their nest/home is no longer). Terminix also offers many alternatives to pesticide applications for wasps, such as traps and deterrents – contact us or visit our store to learn more!



Birds & Wildlife

As we approach the spring months, our local urban birds and wildlife will be scouting for ideal nesting locations to have their young.  With less forestry areas readily available for nesting and harborage, these critters are looking for the next best thing, which could be your attics or crawlspaces. A few tips to help protect your home prior to unwanted visitors are:


  • Ensuring debris, recycling and waste are kept contained or away from the exterior of the home
  • Keeping trees and bushed trimmed back away from the home, limiting their access


Terminix Canada can help our furry or winged friends find their natural habitat should they get lost in your home as well – humane removal is our top priority!

K9 Updates – MAXIMUS:

We are proud to introduce our new K9 Scent Detection dog, MAXIMUS.  Working with his NESDCA trained Handler, they are here and ready to help find bedbugs in your home, workplace or anywhere there may be concern.  With their expertise in finding live activity, Terminix Canada can then promptly and effectively eliminate the infestation.  Follow @MaximusK9Detective for upcoming bedbug information and exciting puppy posts!